Rendering for Beginners


Hey, im new to rendering and i would want to know whats my best option for a Beginner ??


Kerkythea is free, integrates into Sketchup, and didn’t take too long for me to get up and running - and I had never done rendering before, so seems a good option for a beginner.


+1 for Kerkythea. It works well for me.


What @DaveR said … if you’re new to rendering, reading up on some of the basics is highly recommended. Fortunately, Thea (the pay version - 395 euros / 39 if student) and KerkyThea (the free version) have fairly good forums and wide support. It’s worth mentioning that the pay version allows you to render inside of SketchUp while the free version requires you to export the scene using a plugin. The rendering is then done in KerkyThea as a separate application. Otherwise, it’s an incredible rendering engine :wink:


Thanks guys! I will try these options!!


Twilight has a free ‘Hobby’ version that shares the same render engine as KerkyThea. For me at least, it seems easier to learn / use than KT, though that perception of relative ‘ease-of-use’ may vary with the user.

There are a series of tutorial videos on their site that will walk you through the basic features and functions.


Thank you! I tried the twilight render and thats exactly what i was looking for!! Thank you very much!!


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