Render engine for SketchUp



Is there a render engine for SketchUp? I’m currently importing SU models into my DAZ program to renderBut want to render without importing. And will having more than one render engine on my lap top cause any performance issues?


There are render engines for SketchUp, a good few of them actually. Some are free, some are priced much higher than other, all with differing capabilities and some with unique features.

A good many have been discussed here as well as other SketchUp related forums like SketchUcation, amongst others. Maybe you should do a search here, on other Sketchup related forums, or even just Google / Bing / whatever search engine you use?


yes, here.

nope, besides running simultaneously…


…and search the forums…


Thanks. I’ll do the research in the forums and may Google it. I didn’t even
take into consideration that there would be more than one or that they
would have different features and prices from free to high. Can you
recommend some of the free ones to look up and research? I mostly like to
create renders with cars people and buildings so I guess metals, building
materials, and skin and fabrics would be at the center of feature
considerations. Also I would like my renders to appear as realistic as
possible. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you. Just the info I needed to start in the right direction.


Check out Kerkythea. There is a bit of a learning curve but it is a decent rendering engine and its free.

I use Podium, which in my opinion is one of the easier to master but there is a yearly subscription fee.


then V-Ray is surely a product to consider.


I’ve done some research and watched some you tube videos and decided Vray would be the ideal choice but since we live in a less than ideal world I decided to start with twilight. So far so good. Im just not sure about spending any money until I’m confident that I can learn different software products quickly and efficiently.