Is there any truly free render extension?

I’ve gone trough all of render extensions and all of them where demanding money. well a software that is free to use but needs money for the final result is like a banana that is free but only to peel not to eat and boy do I feel like a mad monkey for wasting my time right now >_>
is there any free render extension that is not “trial”, “half available”, “out of date”, “register me”, “gimme your info”, “install this bar it’s candy” and can give me a simple rendered picture of my view port?

nothing additional is needed in SU to produce the final result aka the model.

if you need a photo-realistic rendering of your model instead of the shaded rendering SU already provides (which is definitely not required by everbody) you may want check the free Hobby version of Twilight Render.

last but not least, if you do not wanna waste your time with SU Make (which is btw free to use for private purposes only) why not choose another application as e.g. Blender?

Check out
Never used it, but it’s advertised as a free renderer

Also, like @sketch3d_de mentioned, Blender is also an option as it’s free and comes with it’s only render engine.

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Kerky /= SU extension