Render Add-Ons: Opinions Wanted

My 30-day trial of iRender NXT is almost up. I have found it to be easy to use, and a quite decent render program. However, before I invest, I thought I’d see what you seasoned users have to say about iRender, and any other render add-ons you feel are worth a look.

Thank you for your opinions/input. I should probably mention I prefer running it on my Windows platform.

Hi there. Arguably the market standard for a render engine is V-Ray. Have a look at their gallery at V-Ray for SketchUp Gallery.. Also Corona Renderer is a great one as well. It’s fairly new but unfortunately their SketchUp plugin is not yet ready. They’re working on it and it’ll be released in 2017. Nonetheless the quality is great. Have a look here.
Also, Thea Renderer, Kerkythea and Indigo Renderer are great as well.
I’d personally go with V-Ray. It has a bit of a learning curve but it’s the best (once again, arguably). Good luck! :slight_smile:


How come no one mentioned Podium. I’m new to the render arena and find Podium to be pretty robust that produces beautiful output and it doesn’t break the bank.

You’re right. I completely forgot about Podium. It’s a great one too.