Removing the vertical lines from free drawing a raw edge


This is my first post. I am using Sketchup 2017 to design some furniture to give to a cabinet maker to build. I am really happy with my progress and getting to where I am now thanks to reading this forum. I have hit something that I don’t understand and seeking an explanation and/or advice.

I am creating the top of a TV/entertainment unit in wood that I would like to show having a raw / live edge. I have free drawn an edge that I am happy with. However, the first section of the raw edge has no vertical “seams” which I like. However, the rest of the raw edge has many many vertical seams. How should I remove these vertical seams (see red arrow)? If I just delete the a seam, it creates a hole in the edge.

How can I make “remove” the vertical seams to make the entire raw edge look like the first section without the seams?

Use the eraser tool while holding the “ctrl” key to soften them.
Nice board texture btw.

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Also, you can hold shift+eraser which will just hide them without softening, if that is preferred.
In gif the first is with ctrl and the second with shift.
To do them all in a more heavy handed way you could also use the “soften edges palette”

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A big thank you to your answers. It’s great to learn something new. The texture was from the Sketchup texture club.