Remove Style builder suggestion!

Hi I quick post,

Why dont Sketchup remove “Style Builder” of the original package to save band width decrease the size of the installation dmg or exe and save the planet.
It cool be download separetely or be done as a web app.

No more web apps please, that is also counter-intuitive to your bandwidth argument.

Having said that, I don’t know how many PRO users actually make use of Style Builder (SB), so I would need to concur that it could be offered as a separate download. It would raise the question about Layout (LO), not all PRO users use it.

But that would then need separate licencing, activation control, etc as both SB & LO are PRO only features. Which places greater administration overhead pressure on the developers, which then probably means it is cheaper to rather pay the extra bandwidth cost and off-set that onto licencing charges.

Just my 10c on the matter.