An annoyance on paying for Sketchup

no no, calm down. this is not a I want it for free… you’ll see.

looking at the Pro sub, I see an issue for me right away. a lot of stuff I don’t want.

I want sketchup. and thats it.

useless to me:
Web. nope useless. (every experiment I’ve tried with the web version so far has been degraded performance compared to the Desktop, also no extentions is a deal breaker)

Cloud Storage. nope useless.
sorry guys, no. just no. I don’t even use dropbox,google drive etc. why would I use this?

forums. for free.

useless. not the target at all

XR Headset Viewing
see above

3d warehouse
Been burnt on copyright before. (buying assets). if I don’t make it, I don’t use it. that simple.

totally useless to me. I want a modeler, and thats it.

looking at the breakdown… erm. other than Sketchup I’d be paying for a lot of fluff I’ll never ever use.

so… well… right now it’s stop complaining and payup or just use 2017 or move app.

no other options like… say… a Sketchup(modeler) only option…? could they even consider that?

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A la carte is what you want. that is hard to find with software these days. Good luck in your search.

and whats wrong with splitting Sketchup and Layout? more than half the “package” is layout centric.

not everyone needs Layout or need Sketchup. but we have to have it all… options would help everyone.

The classic license is still available (stops selling 4 nov 2020) no subs with all the fancy web stuff and viewers.

It also includes the StyleBuilder app. Some folks never opened it.
There is always some degree of unwanted stuff (eg. the recently added Nearmap Imagery in add location is not something I would use)
Some degree of ‘pay per use’ should be possible with the subscription model.