Removal of SketchUp Make 2017

In order to be consistent with their policy Trimble has decided to permanently remove SketchUp Make 2017.

Unfortunately this decision has negative consequences for many independent developers who have contributed to the success of SketchUp.

We know it seems impossible to convince Trimble to change this policy to reintegrate a Make version but we have to try anyway!

Although their policy is financially favorable to them in the short term, we are not convinced that this is the case in the long term.

The loss of users of the Make version will have a monumental impact on the notoriety of SketchUp.

This will result in the loss of many extension developers who will no longer be able to sell enough extensions to live on.

Users who feed the 3D Warehouse free of charge every day will also be fewer and fewer.

It is true that SketchUp Free currently exists but this version for the Web has far too many drawbacks to hope for the same success as SketchUp Make.

Moreover developers cannot develop extensions for the web version and it may never be the case!

We understand the rhetoric about paying employee salaries, but what’s the point if SketchUp goes bankrupt in a few years because of counterproductive political decisions?

These employees will then find themselves unemployed and SketchUp will be more unpopular than ever.
Going up the slope will then be impossible.

Many of us think the same thing, so it’s time to make it known loud and clear before it’s too late!


David Barros

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I don’t get it, free samples are passed out for a period of time. The people love them, but the samples are suddenly no longer available and the howls of protest arise. The moral of the story is nothing is free forever.

Those who are selling their extensions are using SketchUp to make money and should be using SketchUp Pro, not SketchUp Make.

That could be a good thing. Recently I spent a long time looking in the 3D Warehouse for some usable components to be able to demonstrate the process in an educational video. I never did find any components that met the requirements. They were clearly all made by hobbyists who haven’t learned how to make proper components.

So you are saying that Trimble’s income is going to be reduced because they aren’t paying developers to work on a product they had been giving away for free. Do you own a business that has employees and gives away the product of their labors for free?


I don’t think what he is asking is to start offering SketchUp Make again as a product but to reinstate the download link for SketchUp Make 2017 (the last version of Make offered).

Until the web based versions are able to run extensions I do think it is helpful to have a “free” version of SketchUp still available that can run extensions. I realize that a certain segment of potential paying customers will probably never upgrade to Pro if given this option but I also think it closes the door on a large number of potential customers who will never get their feet wet because that opportunity was never there in the first place.

By making SketchUp Make available it allows the extended use of extensions and some extensions are used both professionally and for personal use.

My (Medeek) extensions are primarily geared toward the professional user however there is still a significant percentage of Medeek users who are DIYers or other non-professional users. Most of these users will not purchase a more expensive permanent license however they will often purchase my subscription license and use it in conjunction with SketchUp Make 2017. Most of these users are short term users and typically will not re-subscribe since their one off project is usually complete within a years time.

So yes, even though the majority of my own clients are professional users and install the extensions into SU Pro, there is a certain number who will now be turned away and that is actually affecting my bottom line. I can probably weather the storm by increasing my product offering and continuing to upgrade my extensions which makes them even more attractive to the potential user but no matter what I do I will not be able to recover this lost market segment if SketchUp Make 2017 is no longer distributed.

I understand the reasoning behind SketchUp/Trimble’s decision to no longer support and distribute SketchUp Make 2017, however they are probably going to wipe out a good number of developers with this action.


Not defending, but there is much software availabe as a trial but NOT full featured.

As medeek says, restoring a link to Sketchup Make 2017 until it becomes possible to create extensions on the WEB version would already be very good news for independent extension developers.

I understand that Sketchup does not make money from extensions but they improve their software for free which leads to more sales of the PRO license.

We also have many customers who will never upgrade to SketchUp PRO without SketchUp Make!


I guess some of the issue is that by providing the link to it they are indicating there is support for it.

Which there isn’t.
There are costs associated with both hosting those files and then having to deal with incoming enquiries for people who can’t get it to work for reasons XYZ - resources that come away from supporting those who pay for the product.

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