ReLoad SKUp 2015 onto my computer from travel drive

Hi All,
In a recent repair to my PC computer, the hard drive was wiped clean, taking my applications with it. I have a copy of my SKUp15 on a Seagate drive and need help to reinstall.
Thanks in ADvance,

Your copy of SketchUp 2015; is it the installation file? Can you connect this Seagate drive to your computer? If yes to both, I would suggest copying the installer file over to the drive in your computer. Then you should be able to right click on the installer, select Run as administrator and let it install.

Yes, I have the Seagate drive attached to computer via the usb drive.

I have no idea if it is the install file - a tech person loaded this onto the Seagate to back up info before a repair.

The person who did the back up put it in a file called program files, SketchUp, SketchUp 2015.


“over to the drive” meaning which drive? C drive?


Yes. The C: drive.

If he just copied the Program Files directory to the external drive, it’s unlikely he got all the files needed to reinstall SketchUp.

Is it SketchUp Pro or SketchUp Make that you were using?

I see.
It “was” / “is” Pro version.

I don’t suppose you have a copy of your old Downloads folder, do you? Or that it contains the installer file you downloaded for 2015 Pro? I did a quick look but didn’t turn up a trustworthy source for SU2015 Pro.

It might be time to upgrade to SketchUp 2019 anyway. There are a number of features that are no longer functional in SU2015 such as Add Location and the 3D Warehouse (the Warehouse only supports back to SU2017)

attached is the “file folder” selected and “properties”… for your reference,


You might talk to the person who repaired your computer and see if they arranged it so that they could restore your program files to functional condition.

I have an old original copy of (Windows) SU Pro 2015 installer, zipped to about 112MB.*

I could put it on OneDrive for you and send you a link by PM if that would be helpful.

You’d still need your original licence info, and that might or might not be still on your backup drive.

*Note - the .exe file is pretty much the same size, but sometimes your download manager or antivirus software might balk at downloading an .exe file.

There are already 2015 Windows links in this topic:

They are Make, but if you enter a Pro license, they become Pro.

Thanks, @colin, that’s a better way to go.

Hi Dave,

Yes, they look like installer files “.exe” on the Seagate. There is one ea for StyleBuilder, Layout and SketchUp. Then I see another just called Sketchup when I search the Seagate looking for exe.

Still, I dont feel comfortable with this admin operation. And I think I had asked this before but don’t see the full thread - put onto C Drive?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Colin,
I see - ok I will still call the sketchup people to see if they can help me to do. I am so uncomfortable w all this admin type of operations.

Those will be the installed .exe files - one each for the three programs in SU Pro. There’s only one installer file, named (for example) SketchUpPro-2019-en.exe

I do have my license info handy fyi.
Ill try this “Colin” method and let you know.

I am up and running again w Pro15.

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Good to hear you have it sorted.