Refreshing file thumbnail / preview


Is there a method to redraw a file’s thumbnail? I looked under the model functions but didn’t see it.



‘Save’ the file and the ‘thumbnail’ will update…


That doesn’t seem to be happening.

More specifically I am making changes to the image textures embedded in the SketchUp scene file. I am not making any changes to the geometry. When I perform a save, the thumbnail of the new file does not reflect the changed material information.


if you temporarily add a square and ‘Save’, does it update?
or do you need to quit first?
don’t forget to delete it on next start…

we don’t even get to see them on a mac, but they are made and updated on ‘Save’…


I’ll have to try it. Adding an empty group does not make a difference. I’ll try adding a face (though if that does work it’s not really a practical solution; it would be better if it actually created the thumbnail in response to material changes).