Referenced file in Outliner

Just to clarify, my question is whether your app can directly save changes made to an Xref within the main model directly back to the originally Xref file? even if this is done activated manually? I’m not looking for it to work automatically as per Refedit within AutoCAD.

And is there a trial version?

The extension has buttons for saving out and loading in components. When editing the external file or the internal component, you also get a notification asking if you want to reload or save out respectively.

There is also a 14 day trial on all of my extensions.

Perfect. Thanks for the info.

Trimble Connect has been available since version 2015 or 2106, I believe. It manages reference files in the cloud on a project basis.
Referenced objects are ‘locked and greyed out’ in Outliner, Updating and alignment belongs to the ‘Collaboration Panel’ of the Trimble Connect Extension.

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There are some quirks, I would like to manage the visibility in outliner as well, now it is controlled with an added Tag per Reference (the ‘nested Tags’ come along, too)

While the project is hosted ‘in the cloud’ you can set up the project folder structure on your local machine too and sync overnight with Trimble Connect Sync.

@MikeWayzovski I believe this is only cloud solution and it does not solve the problem.

I really wish SketchUp had xref functionality which saves reference of the inserted external skp file only not full model with all its data.

Managing the same hi-res objects and saving them in every project file eats disk space in no time and makes the file heavy and duplicates data - so Sketchup Developers where is your DRY principle?
Same would be great for materials. I understand the original idea of SketchUp in early 2000 to keep all in in one file it was good for making a model of the new table but not for advanced architectural designs we use Sketchup for. I would suggest an option to store bitmaps /skp files in a file or as a link to an external source.

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