Xref objects/files SketchUp plugin

Hi! I have a question, do you know if there is a plugin for use xref objects/files in sketchup. Like xref in autocad.
Thank you!!!

I have a very old [free] one at SketchUcation.com,
BUT @eneroth3 has a newer [better] one here…
BUT it is $50 after a trial period…

Thank you so much! I’ll check!!

TIG would this plugin save copy of the xref .skp model data in the main model? I understand that Trimble and Google have unlimited amount of disk space but if we using same (furniture, cars etc) models in every project our disk space is gone in no time. I would like to see Trimble implementing this basic feature in next SketchUp release. Even Chaos Group VRay proxy like would be a progress.