Reference to a component in a text (not in a label)

Hi there,
I want to show my latest project done with layout. By now, I abandoned AutoCAD :wink:
It is a steel structure, precisely a column.
I use profile Builder 3.

Draft 1

Draft 2

I have a question:
is possible to indicate a reference to a component in a text (not in a label)? I mean as <componentname! Attribute>?
For exampre if i wont to tag (and link) a profile name by a simple text (not label)… there’s a way?


Nice work. Thanks for sharing.

No because text boxes aren’t linked to anything. You need the leader to do that. You could make the leader a color that won’t print, though.Then the text will appear to be just a text box.

Here I’ve made the leaders white and used the component definitions:

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Thanks DaveR!