Reducing time lag in component regeneration


attached herewith a sketchup file for a cabinet, with dynamic component for reporting cutlist preparation. Since this cabinet has large no of component, it significantly increases the regeneration time while working with lot of cabinet similar to this?. is there any solution or way to reduce the time lag in component regeneration.

Please advise
SekarBDWRU.skp (1.4 MB)

I do not have any problem navigating or getting cultist to run. I think it is a combination of the older hardware you have and the way the model is drawn. You have each face as a separate entity. Draw each board as one piece and avoid the excessive nesting of components.

The reason for each face as separate entity to get laminate and edge band as separately and nested the components . Is there is any way to get around.

Could able to explain it for a single panel
Pls let me know


Make each board as a component. Open the component for editing, select a face and apply the texture of your choosing. Select the next face apply a different texture. Texture board.skp (3.3 MB) Download and look at he .skp file in outliner. Note the structure of the component. It has a different texture on each face with no nesting.

Could you share it in 2018 Version pls

Here you go…2018 Texture board.skp (3.3 MB)

I added DC attributes to the said file and tried to control through drop down list, but it is not updating in the window, Pls let me know how to update the material through the DC Options
2018 Texture board.skp (3.3 MB)