Red borders in Sketchup 2017 window



My working window of Sketchup has these two horizontal red lines(pls refer screenshot). Does it indicate some sort of an error?
I’m infact facing some issues with my model such as:

  1. Changing material properties does not change my render
  2. V-ray lights data (intensity & color) is erased upon closing the model and reopening it. I have to re-enter it every time I open the model.



the red lines might be the vray safe frame. Try disactivating it in vray options.

do you purge your model often or use TT cleanup plugin ? If so, it sometimes clears vray data.


Hi Paul,

I dont see any option to deactivate vray safe frame. What does it signify anyways?
I dont purge my model too often - only when the model seems bulky or slow I go for purging. The vray data is erased without even purging.


vray safe frame shows you the area that is going to be rendered, by cropping the window. I think you can find safe frame parameter in render output.


I use Thea render which has the same red frame (if it is a similar issue) The red frame denotes the area to be rendered. In Thea there are options to render to specific aspect ratios as well as custom ones. There is also an option to render the full sketchup window, which may be what you are seeing.
If you cant disable it, you could try changing your renderer’s aspect ratio and see if the red line changes to reflect that, at least this would confirm if it is the issue?


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