Reconstruction of a medieval Nubian Church

This is the reconstruction of an early Christian church in Faras, a Nubian city which is now submerged underwater due to a flood from Lake Nasser in Egypt. Although the site has vanished, it was discovered and documented prior to the flood. There is also an ruined model of this building in Sudan National Museum, which became one of my references.

This church was probably constructed in the 7th or 8th century CE (not really researching much on the history). One thing that Iā€™m quite sure about is this structure adapted Byzantine floor plan and architectural style, as I notice some sections & features which resemble those of typical early medieval Byzantine churches, like narthex, nave/naos, apse/bema, extensive use of rounded arches and pillars on the interior, a central dome, and barrel-vaulting system. Despite being influenced by the Byzantine, this structure takes several features from ancient Nubian temple architecture, such as walls and vaults made of mudbrick.

Anyways, this is the speculative sections of the floor plan: