Reconstruction of a building destroyed by war (Iraq)

This is my reconstruction and rendition of the complex of Great Mosque of al-Nuri in Mosul, Iraq. It was a historical building built by the Seljuks in 12th century AD. The mosque and the minaret (tower) were destroyed during the Battle of Mosul against ISIS in 2017.

I tried to reconstruct the mosque as closely as the original building, which displays the characteristic of Seljuk-Persian Architecture. The tower, mosque, and ablution fountain are all referenced to the original ones. However, the complex layout is purely from my own imagination (I tried to practise visualizing landscape and gardens).

In addition, the minaret called al-Hadba Minaret was actually leaning (just like the leaning tower of Pisa). But in my reconstruction, I straightened it up.

This is the final render of the complex after additional editing in Photoshop for the background (the trees and bushes are from assets library):

And this is the rendered plain model without any material or asset:

Al-Nuri complex from every angle:

And finally the complex floor plan


Nice work.

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