Reconstruction of Historical Uyghur Mosque

This is a reconstruction of a grand mosque once stood in the heart of Kargilik County, Kashgar Prefecture, before it was completely demolished in 2018. The mosque was constructed in 1540s during the reign of Kashgar Khanate, a polity comprised largely by indigenous Uyghur ethnic. The grand mosque of Kargilik was one of the jewels and also the best example of Uyghur architecture.

It has several characteristics unique to Uyghur Islamic Art & Architecture, which is also influenced by existing Central Asian cultures during the 16th century.

  1. Expansive open areas, especially central courtyard and gardens which serves as
    natural ventilation and gathering areas.
  2. Extensive use of blue, green, and yellow color for striking decorative elements.
  3. Wooden carvings on doors and interior ornaments (I somehow forgot to add the doors in my model)
  4. Adobe and mud brick as main construction material, etc

In the reconstructed model, there is a massive and tall main gateway structure with 4 minarets/tower (1) , an elongated structure running across the gateway which can be utilized for commercial activities (2), a rectangular main mosque (3), and an open courtyard/garden (4).

The mosque complex from 4 views:

Full render:


Beautiful model and really bad / sad it was demolished almost 500 years after it was build…

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