Really struggling as it's not my speciality... Please help

I’m trying to merger these two groups and calculate the volume of the area in-between them, hope that makes sense. I’ve spent hours now and I’m really struggling. Could someone please help me?

Show us what you have got so far. Share the skp file here please, that would help?
What steps did you take to tackle the “volume” problem?

Thank you, I’m trying to upload it somewhere as it’s 61mb’s, but it’s taking ages…
I have tried to connect all the lines and make sure the faces are the right way etc but it’s too complicated for me…

I’m struggling to come up with and pick one of the thousand answers that may be of value to you.
But in the end only a handful may be relevant.
You need to give us more info.

Managed to reduce the file size by quite a lot. I have inherited this from a designer that used to work with us and trying to make goodUntitled.skp (9.9 MB)

The bull and a lot of other stuff could indeed be deleted.
You should rename your “Untitled.skp” file to avoid inadvertently doing something wrong with it. It needs a specific name.
Let’s see what you uploaded.
p.s. I can get and see your untitled.skp!

Which two groups are you talking about?
There is this default (not painted) terrain group. And the complex group including the building.

It’s the void between these two sections I need to calculate

So I have tried exploding the groups, intersecting faces with the model and drawing inbetween them to get a volume, but I get really confused and lost as it’s all on weird angles etc. Just a rough infill section, doesn’t have to be exact.

53.97 m³
vol-SU17.skp (9.9 MB)

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You are amazing, thank you again x

Deleting edges and faces like the house that gets in the way (do this in a separate file!) would reduce the model in a quick way.
Now if you enter the “default” terrain group (to be in its editing context!) and then tripple click on it and select “Intersect Faces > with Model” you’ll get a good result with the intersecting edges that you need.
Place all your geometry (= exploding all and regrouping all) into one group and againg start cleaning up what is not needed. That will get you close to what @mihai.s shows. Some stitching to close the shape into a volume “et volai”, a SketchUp Solid.

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