Read cell in google sheet and scale component instance

I have a lot of experience writing python and modelling in sketchup, but I have never tried Ruby. Soon I am launching a project at my high school where the students will put up Raspberry Pies all over our city. The RPis will gather data and store it live in a google sheet (like how many people walk over a certain bridge). I have made all this work in python, where I had a script running on a computer in my home, scanning changes in the google sheet - and updating an image on a web page, based on the data in the google sheet.

Instead of just switching out images, I would like to change a Sketchup model based on the data in the google sheet, and render it whenever changes in the google sheet is detected. How can I accomplish this with Ruby? Is it possible? :slight_smile:

Pretty sure Power BI could connect to your data, and, with 3DBI you could bring your SketchUp model over to Power BI and link all that data to your model. You could then colorize objects in your sketchup model based on that sensor data, without programming.

You can read more about 3DBI and find some examples here: 3DBI for SketchUp | KG-dev

Now, this is a ruby question, and, the actual answer is: yes, you can use the google sheets api and use it from ruby to make changes to your sketchup model based on changes there. I am currently on my mobile phone, making it difficult to search for some examples I made earlier myself, but, a quick google on the different google sheets apis should get you started. I am sure there is a js api, and, with htmldialog, you can leverage any js api and utilize it in SketchUp.

Thank you for your answer!
I have some reading to do :slight_smile: