Linking Sketchup to a spreadsheet with ruby

Hello there,

I am an architect/programmer who creates interactive visualisations usually in Unity. We have an architect client who would like to be able to create a series of (already created) simple extruded shapes dynamically from a spreadsheet to aid their current workflow.

eg. The height of a block could be 30m and is named 1A. In the spreadsheet there is a row 1A which has the height. When he changes the height in the spreadsheet to 40m and presses a button in sketchup the block updates to 40m.

There are other things we would like to do:

  1. be able for info to flow in other direction so they could change the height of the block in sketchup model and it updates the spreadsheet automatically.
  2. save multiple versions of the heights of these various objects. This would be represented as layers in sketchup and tabs in the spreadsheet.
  3. Be able to add additional blocks in sketchup if required.

Any help in how we could do this would be much appreciated.



Well, I think you could do a WebDialog which will be the bridge between your spredsheet and sketchup.

Maybe you could add to ModelObserver.onSaveModel to send an action to webdialog, which will update the spreadsheet.

Take a look at Automated Excel 2 SketchUp.

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Thanks alot for your reply. We did indeed end up using a webdialog