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Is it possible to create simple drawings from data in either a database or spread sheet. Starting with a simple cube shape with just Height x Width x Depth. So that a drawing can be created from just data? I believe this is called parametric programming

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check this extension:

this will create basic shapes.

If you want to edit shapes, you could create Dynamic Components:

Cube Parametric.skp (191.7 KB)

Profile Builder creates Parametric shapes and goes one step further…

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You can create a Ruby plugin to open and read information from a file. Depending on what it is you want to do with the data, the SketchUp Ruby APIs can be used to create the geometry desired. Given a text file with data formatted as Height,Width,Depth:


You can use the plugin found here to import them:

NOTE: This assumes that the values are in inches. If you are using others units, simply scale everything when done.


What computer language is used in creating a Ruby Plug in

Ruby plugins are written in Ruby. The Import Boxes plugin is short and simple:

require 'sketchup.rb'
module Jimhami42
  module ImportBoxes
# MAIN BODY -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
    class  << self
      def import_boxes()
        model = Sketchup.active_model
        filename = UI.openpanel("Select TXT File", "~", "Text Files|*.txt;||")
        data =,"r")
        while(t = data.gets)
          h,w,d = t.split(',')
          g = model.entities.add_group
          f = g.entities.add_face([0,0,0],[w.to_f,0,0],[w.to_f,d.to_f,0],[0,d.to_f,0])
# MAIN BODY -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
    unless file_loaded?("jimhami42_import_boxes.rb")
      menu ="PlugIns").add_item("Import Boxes") { import_boxes() }
# MAIN BODY -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

The plugins can be created with almost any text editor and saved as a text file with the extension “.rb”. Zipping the text file into a “.zip” file and renaming it to an “.rbz” extension, will allow it to be imported into SketchUp’s extensions.

Ruby documentation can be found here:
SketchUp Ruby APIs can be found here:

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