Re-orienting the "Top" Icon to match new axes

I have a site plan oriented to True North. I have a building floor plan that is oriented by the geometry in the model. The building is not oriented to the cardinal points of the site - probably it faces ESE. I would like to change the axes to be those of the building and THEN would like the “Top” view icon and/or command to orient the view to the axes of the building not the site. It appears to always use the site’s axes - perhaps since they were created first, since I added the building to the site as opposed to the site to the building?

That’s two separate things. You can change the orientation of the model axes to align with the building but the model axes don’t determine standard views. Their orientation is fixed. The default axis orientation is aligned with the standard views such that the solid green would point to the top of the screen in the Top view. Eneroth has an extension that will allow you to rotate the camera in plan view to align with the model. There’s also TIG’s Rotate Plan View.

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Thanks. I guess it is as I thought: If I want the standard views to align with the building and not with the site, then I need to add the site to the building rather than the building to the site. Or, get one of those extensions. Again, thanks for the help.

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Another extension would be Thomthoms camera tools.

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Another way to work is to have the building be a component and “Save As” the component to work on in a separate file. Don’t move or rotate the building in the new file. In the site file “Reload” the component and it works great. This also makes working on the building smoother if the site file becomes large and slows down. Be sure the building component axes are set the way you want before you “Save As”.

Often the site is based on surveys, and having to rotate and position site information for updates etc, can also be tedious.


Without any extention:
Rotate the axes to get the new drawing axes aligned to the building.
(say green runs along the short base of your building, just as an example)
Now right click on an axis and select ‘Align View’ in te context menu.
This will get you a view with green vertical on screen, red to the right on screen, making your building aligned to the screen as you desired.

This method always gets you a view with green up. Save this scene as the TOP view.

So you can even get the correct elevetions when rotating the axes: green along the facade up and red along the facade’s base line. Save this view as FRONT view.