Rayscaper Alpha Extension

I have installed Rayscaper Alpha , the new rendering extension. But I can’t find under my toolbar menu.

under extension manager it shows that its installed on my pc.

secondly I am getting this error msg while sketchup starts.

any guides or help?

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I mean, their website is pretty clear… :smiley:

that being said, the first line seems to say you have a SCFLicence issue.
have you installed it through the sketchucation extension manager as recommended here ?

(click on quick start for the videos)


You may have better luck getting support here in a related forum:

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yes I downloaded it through SketchUcation I didn’t checked their website… I was searching for more rendering options

Try Brighter 3D, it’s cheap, offers perpetual licenses with free lifetime updates.

thanks, I am learning Blender these days, will look into Brighter 3D as well.

Hey MissLazy,

Thanks for trying Rayscaper!

Like @ateliernab mentioned, SCFLicense is required before you can use Rayscaper. You can get the SCFLicense library as part of the SketchUcation tools.

I added a section in our FAQ on this specific load error and how to fix it: I am seeing Load Errors in SketchUp | Rayscaper

I hope this helps, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have more questions.


Hello Thomas,

thanks for replying I will check this FAQ section.

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