Rayscaper - A new render extension for SketchUp

Hey folks :wave:

My name is Thomas. I’m the developer for a render extension named Rayscaper.

I have been working on Rayscaper for the last couple of months, but it’s now becoming pretty usable, and I am looking for SketchUp users who are interested in testing Rayscaper and providing feedback. Disclaimer: Rayscaper is still alpha software (see here what that means), so it might not be for everyone yet. Currently, it’s for free, but I plan to sell Rayscaper in the near future.

Rayscaper is currently available for Windows (Mac coming soon), and you can install Rayscaper via the SketchUcation tools extension. If you don’t have the extension, you can get it here. We have detailed instructions on how to install Rayscaper in our documentation - Registering with SketchUcation and installing the SketchUcation tools extension is free.

We have a quick start guide here: Rayscaper Introduction - Rayscaper for SketchUp - The rest of the manual is still a work in progress.

Let me know how it goes or if you run into any bugs or issues :beetle:.

Here’s a screenshot of Rayscaper in action (courtesy of Rich 'O Brien from SketchUcation):



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Ehm … thought i could give it a try, but after installation i get a Load Error message

  1. downloaded the extension from Sketchucation
  2. installed extension using Extension Manager
  3. didnt see any changes, popups, new extensions listed
  4. restarted SU and got the following message at startup:


  1. found no new extensions listed, no new toolbars listed, no new icons in sight

So unfortunately could not continue testing (yet).
Any suggestions how to fix this?

First thing I would try is make sure you have the most up to date version of the Sketchucation Tool.


Hey there,

Kudos for trying Rayscaper!

Rayscaper requires the installation of SketchUcation tools for the licensing system. You can download the SketchUcation tools here. We have installation instructions for the SketchUcation extension here.

I think we should update Rayscaper to detect this because if the first user trying this runs into this issue, it will probably happen frequently :confused:


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Cheers! That seems to work :wink:


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Various surveys have found that between 56% and 75% of people do not read instructions or manuals.

It is rather silly that you must coddle users especially when you gave them the requirements in the first post …

Yes i am a man, i do not need/read instructions … unless i need to assemble furniture from ikea :wink:

PS back to the QuickStart video …

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Reminds me of…

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To be fair, I only added that after @AnnoNiem reported the issue. Also, if we can remove user friction right within the product, I’m all for it.


… Oh okay. I did not notice the edit. We’ll give 'em a break this time. :wink:


You may want to remove the bit about downloading the .rbz and just go with installing it via the Extension Store.
And point out that registering with SketchUcation and installing the Extension Store is totally free.

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I’m just posting ‘issues’ i encounter randomly …

Somehow managed to cash the program.
I tried to (randomly) change a setting for the (dragged and dropped) enviroment.
This happend when changing this setting shown below to “Checkers, Mix, Perlin noise and UV”.
No problems found with the “Color and Image” options.

That’s a good suggestion, I updated the original post, and wrote down detailed instructions here: Installation Guide - Rayscaper for SketchUp

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Yup, that’s definitely a bug, thanks for reporting and keep them coming!

I should remove these options. Currently we only support a fixed color or an image texture for the environments. Procedural textures are not supported.

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I understand that too needs some serious nerve. You cut a fragile material, some of which is TERRIBLY expensive, depending on colour. My father designed and “painted” some large stained glass windows.

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We just released version 0.8.4 with more bug fixes. You can find the release post on the SketchUcation forum.

Will you let us know when the Mac version is available?

Sure thing will make an announcement post once it’s available.

I’d be interested in the Mac version as well, once it’s ready.

Now that Twilight render is no longer supported, I need to find a low-maintenance alternative.

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