Raygun Breech Hinges


Hey Folks,

I’m making a break-action raygun for 3D print. It’s a long process so you’ll probably see a lot of me, but I’m a little stuck right this second. The idea of the break-action is to gain time on replacing batteries, and to look freakin’ sweat as you drop a pair of D-Cells in to the breech and snap it shut.

Basically I need to make the hinge that connects the barrel section to the frame. I’ve attached pictures of my desired rotation.

I don’t even know what kind of hinge to google so I can start to learn this. Anybody own a really old revolver, or a shotgun? Or have a model of one?




Something like this (I’ve searched for old revolver)?



Thanks heaps!

I hadn’t thought of shrinking it in like that, I’ve been imagining a long hinge. This looks stronger and sleeker.