RAM and GPU Question

Is there a significant difference in the performance of Sketchup between 16 GB RAM and 32 GB RAM? Between 2GB GPU and 4 GB GPU? Is 2GB GPU and 16 GB RAM sufficient for high level rendering? Thank you-

I might be wrong but aren’t CPU-s measured in GHz-s? :thinking: I’d gladly link my much-viewed “SketchUp Performance | CPUs and GPUs” thread to this but since Denis deleted all the essential information he provided, it’s no use.

Sorry, meant GPU not CPU-

From what I’ve learned from the good people here, SketchUp is a single-core software, meaning it uses only a single CPU. So in terms of GHz, get the CPU with the highest clock speed (personally would prefer an i7 6700HQ, 2.6 GHz).

And regarding GPUs, it really depends if you’re on a notebook or desktop PC.

Notebook GPUs cannot be updated/changed so get as much as you can. Honestly, I’d go for 4 GB minimum (6 if I could afford it) but definitely not 2 because in time as you develop, you’ll find it to be too little. The disadvantage of a notebook is that if you want to update your GPU, you basically have to buy a new notebook.

If you’re on a desktop, that’s another story. Desktop GPUs can be updated, so you can start with 2GB and update as time goes.

By the way, forgot to mention that NVIDIA cards seem to communicate better with SketchUp than AMD cards. That’s not to say that they don’t work properly, though.