Quick way to draw segmented Rings in SU

What is a quick way to draw segmented rings in SU for multiple layers for various sizes?Mock-up Rings.skp (57.6 KB)

Thanks in advance.

May be like this! :thinking:

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It would help to know what the end result needs to be used for.

Each segmented ring varies in size. The height will stay constant at 25.4mm x 16 rings staked on top of each other.The diameter changes to give the profile shape when turned on the LatheVase Profile 1,12,2017.skp (53.3 KB)
Thanks again


I’m still at a bit of a lose, what do you want the model for, is it to give you templates for making your wooden rings? Or is it a decorative model?
If it’s a template do you want the rings as individual sliced blocks, if yes I question why?
To make the blocks of wood is pretty simple, the profile you have drawn gives you the various radii, you have the thickness, the angle depends on how many segments you use.

My original inquiry was is there a “Quick way to draw segmented Rings in SU”? With my very limited knowledge of SU. I find I can normally build something a lot quicker without using SU but that’s defeating the purpose of owning the program. I can draw all the segments 1x1 to layout the final shape, again not very time affective.


So if I understand correctly, the rings will provide all the profile information the lathe needs to turn the form?

Otherwise, why not draw the complete profile?

That’s what is not quite clear, what it is you need to learn, which is why I was trying to work out what you need. There are extensions that can do it for you but the most basic is a radial array.

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If I’m reading this right they don’t need the complete form, they need the ring segment angles and dimension to cut out of straight stock before gluing them up to a shape for a segmented turning…

I have 18 installed so cant see the files.

but having turned a version of a segmented vase, the rings don’t tell the lathe anything :wink:

Makes sense,