SU Message keeps appearing

I’m drawing a copy of a picture I loaded on SU, when using 2 point arc tool, I keep getting a message “number of segments is too large for given angle and radius”. then the section I’ve drawn just disappears. Help would be greatly appreciated.


You are either drawing something small (so draw it again at 10x or 100x scale), or trying to use too many segments

It means that the number of segments you’ve chosen for the arc is too great for the radius or the angle of the arc. Choose a lower number. This is done in an effort to keep the user from creating problems due to very short segments.

If you want to use a higher number, scale the model up by, say, 100. Scale down after you’ve got it drawn.

I’m trying to outline a photo to get a clearer image and a working scale to work with. see attached.Lazy Rocker 2.skp (409.7 KB)

How do I scale the photo up?

Scale tool?

When I use the scale tool it just produces more copies of the photo.


OK I’ve got that worked out thanks.