Quick Unit Change


Is it possible to key map unit changes? To switch from Imperial and metric quickly?

Has anyone seen a Ruby script that can do this?


There’s an old extension called Toggle Units that creates a toolbar. You could map a keyboard shortcut for each button. I haven’t tried it in a few years. it might work. Worth a try.

I’m pretty sure that to create keyboard shortcuts, the extension has to put its commands into a menu somewhere; a toolbar can’t be accessed from shortcuts. The extension @DaveR suggested is toolbar only, I think. However, the discussion of This later version seems to say it can create a menu for just that purpose (I haven’t tried it myself…). The writeup also says it has been updated for SU 2104, which means there should not be problems with the current version of Ruby.

Edit: I confirmed that this extension works under SU 2015. It adds a ‘Toggle units’ submenu to the Extensions menu, and items on that menu fire its commands. These menu items can be linked by keyboard shortcuts. Note however, that some of the menu items are actually wired to the wrong commands! For example, feet and inches are reversed.