Change model Measurements units with keyboard shortcut?

I’m working on a detailed model of my house and frequently need to change my Measurements units being displayed between Architectural and Fractional format. I do know how to change a model’s units using the Model Info window. Is there any way (on Mac) to change the Units with a keyboard shortcut?

You could use Toggle Units and set keyboard shortcuts.

Is this for display or just for dimension entry?

For Measurements display when using the Tape Measure. For example: 32’ vs 384" or 10’ 9" vs 129". I’ll check out the Toggle Units extension. Thanks Dave.

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Thanks again Dave. Installed the Toggle Units extension. Set up some keyboard shortcuts using the standard SU Shortcuts Preferences process. Created one for “/Extensions/Toggle Units/Architectural”. Created a second one for “/Extensions/Toggle Units/Ingeniery”. Note that the “/Extensions/Toggle Units/Fractional” item sets the units to Decimal, not Fractional. On a whim I discovered that the “Ingeniery” item sets the units to Fractional. Other than that little hick-up, the Toggle Units extension solved my problem.