Quick modeling of twisted buildings

This is a commercial building located in the city of Hamadan, Iran.

  1. Use BezierSpline tool to draw the approximate arc of the roof stairs

    BezierSpline plugin
    [Plugin] BezierSpline - v2.2a - 22 Apr 21 • sketchUcation • 1

  2. Moving line

  3. Create surfaces using

    Curviloft plugin
    Curviloft | SketchUcation

  4. Use JiontPushpull to pull out thickness

    JiontPushpull plugin
    Joint Push Pull Interactive | SketchUcation

  5. Use contourmaker to extract roof step curves

    Contourmaker plugin
    Contour Maker | SketchUcation

  6. Use s4u Make Face to cover the extracted contours in one go

    s4u Make Face plugin
    S4U Make Face [$] | SketchUcation

  7. Use JiontPushpull again

  8. Nearly complete



clever use of Contour Maker