Quality on printing raster from Layout

so I can choose high quality on a raster image covering most of an A3 page, and get a page 6,5mb in filesize as a Pdf. I can also choose medium, to get a smaller file about 1,5mb.

If I however take that bigger file, and manually reduce its quality in MacOs Preview, not in resolution, but colorspace I guess, I then have that best resolution, but a file thats just 0,7mb. That one looks just as good to me as the 6,5mb one.

I suggest the options on output quality gets more refined, so that we can (WASTLY) reduce file size, from reducing that colourspace instead of resolution. If you´r not into graphics design you dont need those billions and billions of colors anyway.
Screenshot 2022-04-04 at 10.46.06

This I do very manually now. In preview one has to “export as jpg” every page with lots of raster images, and then replacing those back into that same pdf

I never use JPEG compression on PDF exports from LayOut. It creates very ugly artifacts on uniform colour surfaces. JPEG compression is best reserved for photographs and the like.

manually reduced0_7.pdf (709.5 KB)
This is my sketch from this morning. Just some basic boxes to explore usability of an industrial site. Heavily compressed, so that the page is 0,7mb, instead of 6mb. Raster of the site plan to begin with. No artifacts, exept the buildings in themselves, that are not so artistic…
I got to mail the page, along with some others, as an attachment, because of compression.

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