Pushing Sketchup to the max

I was wondering that the max someone has push 64bit SketchUp. I have one model that has over 35 million edge count and I am not having any problem with it.

I would like to add a little bit more detail to the model and was wondering that the limit.

I’d like to see a preview of a such model !

If I said 10 more MB how would you design to that?
The model is controlled more by you smart modeling approach and use and usually is strongly dependent on the rendering load you put on the graphics process, your machine capability, use of scenes and layers.
Just FYI I have in past with only 4GB memory, windows XP ( 32 bit) opened SU models in the >=100 MB size. At had to change how windows managed memory to do that however. Allocated only 1GB to windows and 3GB to SU
There are numerous posting on the subject and my guess you find it easier to ask question vs doing subject search which you should do which is best way to learn.

I have model an expansion area at the ski area I work at. I have generated a 4m digital terrain model (DTM) from our LiDAR dataset, but have started to replace this with a 2m DTM. This has push the SketchUp file size to 470 MB

I have also added accurate auxiliary 3-D models that included the standard Gazex® exploders, Gazex® gas shelters, automatic weather stations, chairlifts/ gondolas ski lifts, snow making components, avalanche energy absorbent and avalanche deflection structures.

I am using this model from my Master’s degree to assist with my research.

Hi Snowman, I’m just starting a similar process with a 200 acre farm in England, how do you get that amount of area into Sketchup in the first place in order to give any real accuracy of elevations and location?

I have tried the SU inbuilt Geo-Location function, but when I export to Google Earth it is about 10% out of scale.

Any suggestions are gratefully welcomed.

Thanks, Andy

I used Trimble Business Center (TBC) to generated the 2m digital terrain model (DTM) from our LiDAR dataset. TBC is a geospatial software program and inputs seamlessly in to Trimble SketchUp :slight_smile:.

If you do not have access to geospatial software, you could try MeshLab to generate the DTM.

What type of DTM data are you working with?

My final SketchUp file size was 1.8GB :floppy_disk:.