Push/Pull Tool wont let me push/pull to any length

I’m trying to push the windows in on my building. However, the push/pull tool will only let me push in -1/16’’ or pull 1/16’’, 1/8’’, etc. etc. Essentially, the push/pull tool is only letting me push/pull equidistant or set measurements, and wont let me maneuver the push/pull tool to any distance I want. Any thoughts? (here’s the link to a video showcasing my issue: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1B6UUyPrLf3SyqVZMSQ0iMBXnss8qSqBE/view?usp=sharing )

Most likely you have Length Snapping enabled in Model Info>Units. Disable it and you won’t have that.

FWIW, you could push and then type the desired distance even if it isn’t on the snap interval.

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I never manually enabled that, so I wonder why it all of a sudden became enabled? Anyhow, thank you so much!

It’s enabled by default in most templates. Best is to create your own custom template with Length Snapping disabled.