Purchasing Clothworks

Hi - I’m new to using Sketchup and have just found out about Clothworks, which sounds amazing. It appears I have to sign up for SketchUcation to buy this extension but nowhere can I find out what it costs. I have to pay to join SketchUcation as far as I can tell (min. $15) but I don’t want to do that until I know what Clothworks costs to buy. I would really appreciate knowing what other users have paid to buy the licence but I realise some people may think this is sensitive information. Please help if you’re happy with providing this. Many thanks!

Sketchucation is free to join.
Clothworks is 10 USD

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Sign up for a free account if you want.

Click on Buy License.

Price as shown.

Brilliant - sounds like good value. Thank you.

Thank you - It all sounds good. Really enjoying Sketchup.