Pull out faces help

I’m new to sketch up and was wondering if someone can tell me how to pull out the faces at the bottom of my diagram but making sure those on the other side with the nice rounder edges stay (see arrow for edges I need to pull out)

See the tweaking tool series at the SketchUp Sage > Move Tool


I think I made it look even worse than it was now. Is there an easy way to pull out one bit at a time?

What’s a “bit”? We have faces and edges.


One of the squares etc at a time. I seem to have messed it up worse than the little bit that needed fixing at the start.

When things don’t go well, click Undo and try again.

The Move tool is one of SketchUp’s auto-select tools.
For sculpturing like this it’s best to begin with nothing selected and let the tool do the work.
Simply hover the Move tool over the geometry you want to move.

As you hover over the geometry, notice the tool automatically selects a face, an edge or an endpoint.
Wait until you see the inference dot and tooltip message; On Face, On Edge, Midpoint, Endpoint…
Then click to begin the move.

Now press one of the Arrow keys to constrain the direction of the move.
Left Arrow = Green y-axis
Right Arrow = Red x-axis
Up/Down Arrows = Blue z-axis

If it refuses to move in the direction you want, engage Auto-fold.
Move + Alt (PC)
Move + Option (Mac)

Practice moving in stages rather than all at once.
Move a little in one direction only and then another and so on until you have what you want.