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I’m looking for a way to prototype and manufacture my designs. Not using a 3D .stl printer, but a manufacturer who can make my designs out of wood. Some projects may need additional materials (handles, patches, hinges, etc). I’m looking at both mass manufacturing and single or multiple small unit production. How do I find that here?

I’m not sure that here is the best place to look for that sort of thing. You need to find someone who works with wood. What are your designs? Are they furniture? Or something else? Specifics on exactly what you are designing would help us give you guidance.

I’ll be working on a variety of projects. The current one is a chess/checkers/backgammon combination set with some unique features for licensing. (Negative responses to this will be ignored.). I have furniture, jewelry boxes, and various other projects in mind. I’m looking for a manufacturer who can handle all this. Preferably a single one, or a distributor with drop ship capabilities. Multiple manufacturers for each of the different projects is fine.

You should be hunting for commercial furniture manufacturers, then. Maybe you can find someone at this link who is near you and can do what you want. Or maybe they can give you some leads.

Furniture manufacturing for all the various projects? Even the game boards and jewelry boxes?

Yes if you want to mass produce them. The same toolsets used to create wooden furniture are basically used to create most wooden products, furniture of course being the most popular type of item.

My mate is a carpenter and if you wanted just one off’s it would cost a packet! 95% of his shops work is furniture but the other 5% is everything you can think of, the demand is just much smaller.

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It’s a start.

Thank you.

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