Protection problem

until last year i was able to encrypt my small ruby online (trimble registered developer).

i was not working on this for a while.

i tried today and there is an error.

the small ruby has 1 name.rb on main level and one folder with 1 file.rb in it (a small module).

i upload it as rbz, as always.

how can i find out, where the problem is?


What error ? The encryption portal can produce quite a few errors.

I suggest make sure you follow best practices …

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Is this happening when using the Signing Portal or uploading to Extension Warehouse?

If you want, you can submit your RBZ to and we can take a look at it.

hello thomas,

thanx for your quick response.

i finally managed it, it works again.

the mistake was somehow in the naming of the rbz for the encryption in the signing portal ( i named the rbz exactly as the prog. rb and the folder in it , means all 3 same name)

after changing that i could encrypt again :blush:

so many thanx !!!

by the way: if you want to keep your ruby working from skp 2018 on and have a new laptop,

is there a way for a developer to install 2018 (I read somewhere, that if you have 2019 – 2021 instralled, it was no more possible to install 2018 ……



Time to change this “I read somewhere” to “I read somewhere else” :wink:

I do not have any problem to install any SU version(s) beside any other version(s).

(In case you do not have the installer: SketchUp Pro – Download-Center ( )

It’s possible to have any major version of SU installed side by side.

If you have any issues, reach out to our support.

Great, thanx a lot !!! regards stan