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I just publish my extension “simple tool”

I realised that this page is probably the worst selling page ever.

I looking for advice to :
→ add giff instead of png in the image ( as for the truebend page Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse)

→ presentation advice as copywriting, do and don’t for the presentation of the extension.

thx !

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Unfortunately, you are not the only one who claims that your plugin is free image ,
but it actually costs money:

I think the Extension Warehouse owner is also complicit in the fraud if she/he allows you to make a false advertisement.
That could be one reason of “the worst selling page ever.”

I’m sorry if it sounds too harsh, but no, I don’t think this behavior is right. Even if some “lucky” people who read this post can get a free license …


Thanks for you feedback. I will explain its a non-free extension. Extension warehouse page doesn’t allow to define a price if it’s not sell by Sketchup

You have to push the owner to allow. Thake out the word “free” if it is not free.
Actually everyone to who “playing” with “free” word here, should push the owner to change the EWH behavior.
In my opinion, this is very close to intentional deception.

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It’s Trimble that is forcing and promoting this ‘free’ business, ever since EW 2.0


This is true. Trimble knowingly and intentionally misleads.
The error is reported, documented, confirmed and acknowledged.
Unfortunately, they do not consider it important to eliminate the obvious fraud.
Instead, they also cheat. They misleadingly categorize something into the free category for which I have to pay.
In my country, if there are two price tags on a product, then I, as a buyer, have to get the product at a cheaper price.


Is the promotion over yet?) :upside_down_face:

At the time when I wrote this post, it was for thanks people taking time to give me advice.
Now I found this offer inappropriate , not at the good place in this post.
You could still ask it in PM.

GIFs are not supported for the time being but you can add a YouTube video instead.

The issue with paid extensions being listed as free if they aren’t sold on EW is our list, but sadly we have a staffing shortage on the Extension Warehouse team and not a lot is happening. We all just need to be patient for now (it’s frustrating for us too).

Regarding the presentation text of this extension, I would personally use a more precise/descriptive name. “Simple Architecture Tools” for instance gives a better idea of what the extension does. Remember that not every SketchUp user nor every extension is in the architectural field.

For the copywriting I would personally try summarizing on a higher level what the extension is for instead of listing the tools by name. For instance you can say it’s an architectural toolset that allows you to draw walls and openings very quickly, and allows you to easily edit these objects. I would also focus on what sets the extension apart from other house-drawing extensions. This extension seems very well integrated to the SketchUp user experience, with e.g. support for the native Move tool, axis locking, the same appearance of the protractor etc. While it’s probably not relevant to list all these design aspects, there could be a sentence stating the objective of consistency to SketchUp.

Hope this helps!

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… and for ??. :frowning_face:

> What I do know is that the people with that insight are aware of the issue. We all just need to be patient now.

Personally I’ll not pay for any extension if it is advertised as free.

Thanks @ene_su ! I will look to your advice as I can

I am very sorry that “my fuse has burned out” on this very topic and I cause discomfort to @denis_bolomier who can do the least about EW being bad.
Unfortunately, as long as EW is like that, I can’t be tolerant either.
I can’t promise not to talk about what I think is obvious misleading …

Can you put it in the Sketchucation store?

How can I do that

Then how can we get animated images like this? Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

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I bet it was ‘grandfathered’ in when warehouse was converted.

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As Neil says this is likely uploaded in the old warehouse.

For the record, I’m not defending the current file type limitation here, just describing it.