Promo Codes?

can Anyone provide me magic :grin: "promo code "

Don’t know any such codes, but you get a discount if you are switching from a “classic” permanent license to the current subscription model.

I checked, and I believe Kaplin would be going straight from Free. I don’t know of any promos for when you’re doing that.


Invalid Code… Why put a PROMO CODES space if you don’t have coupons? These are hard times…

By the way, I found an error when working with Apple Monitors, the dimensions and all the texts are inverted in a strange way … It happened to me with macOS Big Sur Version 11.2.1

This is a known problem with Big Sur’s graphics drivers. Hopefully Apple will fix it soon.

You did not mentioned what kind of promo code are you looking for.
This code is for one of the online shop of my home country. But since that wasn’t a condition either - I’ve already used it. :wink:

Where are u from?

You can see it in my profile.

because the shop system can obviously not be changed because the availability of a promo code or not.