What was that $100 discount code for buying SketchUp Pro in December?



Hi there,

I told a bunch of people that there was a discount code in the Welcome to SketchUp screen that was good until the end of this month, and just now it seems to have disappeared. Can someone tell me what that code was? Is it still good? I have a few people ready to buy, but they want the discount, or they will probably wait a while longer.



Hi Katyakean.

I bought SU pro 16 in December and i didn’t see a code for discount. I searched online for one at the time and couldn’t find an active one. I did however buy SketchUp through and authorised reseller in the UK which saved me a bit of money.


Someone found it for me. It was FINALLYPRO2016. Thanks!


This code doesn’t work!


That code worked for me yesterday, so I don’t know.
Try contacting the Pro Sales team through the SU website. They responded to me within 8 hours and were very helpful.


Was this promo code intended only for a select audience? I, like several other posters, never saw this option. Even though I am not in the market for another SU license, I am aware of a few colleagues who have expressed an interest in obtaining the program if it were possible to get it at a discount.


I had the same problem, saw the $100 coupon, went to purchase it no coupon. And they are closed for the holidays. However looking at their Facebook site I found the coupon code " SKETCHUPHOLIDAY" and I just purchased the program so the coupon does work. Hope this helps someone’s holiday season.