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(I’m new to SketchUp.) Is there any way to erase this line without causing the rectangle below to be erased as well?

Here is the line that I want erased:

This is what happens when I erase this line:

I would upload my project but it’s over 16 MB…

Clearly that edge is required to support the face below it so no, it can’t be erased. You could hide it with Shift+Eraser. What’s going on above it, though, with the zero thickness surface?

A bit of advice, wait until your geometry is correct before you start applying textures. The textures can mask problems with the geometry.

Also make sure you are using components correctly.

What are you modeling? Can you share the .skp file? Upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

This is a model of my parent’s bathroom that we are renovating. Here’s the dropbox file: Dropbox - Bathroom Remodel.skp - Simplify your life.

Maybe more appropriate to erase the edges spanning the gap?

Or give the top of the wall some additional thickness so you don’t have that face at the top.

Note the exposed blue back faces. It’s a good idea to reverse those before applying materials.

FWIW I fixed some icorrect tag usage which might have come in with components from the 3D Warehouse.
Screenshot - 1_24_2022 , 2_45_09 PM

And I purged unused stuff from your model. File size reduced by about 54%.
Screenshot - 1_24_2022 , 2_45_32 PM

Here’s the cleaned up file. I reversed the incorrect faces on your walls but didn’t edit any of the imported components.
Bathroom Remodel purged.skp (8.1 MB)

Keep in mind if you try components from the 3D Warehouse but later delete them, they remain “in model” along with any materials they bring along. You need to purge unused components and then unused materials from the In Model components and materials to really eliminate them.

I think I’ll just erase the edge along the gap. Also, I just looked up how to purge so I’ll be doing that frequently. Thanks for the help

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