Profile Builder 2 - little issue with Assemblies


Hello folks,

I have a slight problem with the layers of profiles and assemblies:
I created profiles wich are bound to a certain layer: as well in their geometry in the saved skp that belongs to the profile, as in the dropdown-field of the profile-dialog.

So when I draw a profile following a line and I choose the correct layer before doing this, then as well the generated group as the inner geometry are bound to the correct layer. When I choose the wrong layer before drawing, the GROUP is still on the “wanted” layer (seems to get this information from the dropdown-field, was my guess) but the INNER GEOMETRY always binds to the actually active layer. So far, so good…I just have to concentrate on always choosing the correct layer as active, when drawing my profiles :wink:

The problem occurs, when I use my assemblies:
My assemblies consist of profiles and components (of course), but for the logic of our drawings the assemblies are bound to an own layer.
Wich is leading to following:
the GROUP is on the correct layer; the cost calculation sums this profile in the correct way (because cost-calculation is based on the layer of certain GROUPS and not on their INNER GEOMETRY???)…
…but the INNER GEOMETRY of the profile wich is embedded in the assembly binds to the active layer, so my models don´t color the right way and also produce faults when i want to show/disable certain layers.

Up to now I do the following:
when I draw assemblies, I choose the layer of the embedded profile as active and then have to switch the layer of the whole assembly-group to the one I wanted it to be in a seperate step afterwards.

Does anyone have a better solution for me?


What I get out of reading this is that you are using layers incorrectly. Layer 0 should always be the active layer and all geometry should be created on and remain on Layer 0. Only components and groups should be assigned to other layers. See:

If you use layers correctly, you won’t have to worry about this at all. You can use your concentration for other things.


Thanks for responding to this, Dave. I agree 100%


Thank you for that hint, Dave (and Dale)…

I will switch my way of organizing the drawings refering to your suggestion.
But nevertheless, I feel like it won´t solve the discribed problem:

Even if the geometry within my groups is linked to Layer 0, SketchUp will “overwrite” the layer within the grouped profiles with the active layer…
To perhaps make it more clear:
I have modelled assemblies wich contain tubes (1 as profile; 1 as component) and other single objects. I want all tubes to be on own layers wich differentiate their diameter…wich works well with all tubes I generate out of profiles. But when I draw the assembly, I want it to be bound to an own layer (f.e. “tube combination”). My main problem is actually, that when I do so, SketchUp overwrites the embedded profile (“tube diameter xy”) with the layer-name of the whole assembly.

Did I express it more understandible or am I still not fully getting something?
Thanks for your guidance. Pablo


could you upload an example assembly? you should be able to assign the entire group containing the assembly and the individual components retain their own assignments.


…here it comes :wink:

This marks the way, I would wish the assembly to come along. But as described, the inner geometry of the profile is always overwritten by the actual layer.

And like mentioned before: this isn´t really an essential problem. Actually I solve it by generating the whole assembly when the layer of the embedded profile is active and afterwards change the layer of the whole grouped assembly into, what I want it to be bound to.
example assembly.skp (1.1 MB)


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