Layer cleanup in groups

I am trying to clean up a drawing. This is a common issue for me and might be something I am inflicting on myself.

I have a drawing currently open that has cabinets I inserted from the warehouse. I moved them to a layer called kitchen cabinets but there appears to be a bunch of nested layers within it. Like bumpers, etc.

Some of the layers do not seem to have anything on them but wont purge out.

Is there some way to select a group and change the entire group to a layer without exploding the group a few times and risking exploding too deep?

You could just open a group for editing and select the nested entities within. Then in Model Info, put them on Layer 0. You might also install ThomThom’s CleanUp3 from the Extension Warehouse and set it to send all geometry to Layer 0 which should always be the default. It’s hard to tell if the author of the components you are getting from the Warehouse are keeping geometry on Layer 0 where it belongs so it’s a good idea to run ThomThom’s CleanUp3 from time to time, anyway.

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Thanks for quick response. Well in this instance there is group inside of group inside of group… So I would have to open all those which started to do. But then I have 20 different size cabinets.

I have Cleanup3 installed but was not aware it would do that. So going to give it a try.

Not sure what happened but I selected the cabinets and tried geometry to Layer 0 and when done there was nothing on layer 0 and the cabinets were gone !

Don’t save the file like that.

Without seeing the file before the cleanup, I’m not positive about what happened. Could you share it?

Did layers get deleted?

I saved the file prior :slight_smile:

Cant share this particular file. But did not delete any layers. Only thing I forget to check was to see if they were hidden. I tried it again and they were gone both times.

Can you copy and paste a few elements into another file and see if they still disappear with CleanUp? Send the smaller file maybe?

Are all of your layers turned on? check “hidden geometry” whilst all the layers are turned on? and zoom extent?

As @DaveR said, it is quite difficult to evaluate without the actual file. (perhaps at least a screenshot) You can PM one of us to take a look if you don’t feel comfortable uploading to public.

How are you “purging” the layers? If you are deleting layers you “think” is empty, the edges and faces of the geometry might still belong to other layers.

The discussion in this thread is misleading with regard to SketchUp layers.

SketchUp does not have geometric layers.
Therefore, geometry cannot “belong” to any layer, nor be put “on” any layer.

SketchUp “layers” are shared display property sheets, that can be “associated” with geometry to control display behavior, (in a sort of display sets,) across geometric collections (groups and components.)

The geometric entity’s “layer” is just a property that can hold a pointer to (currently only one) of these shared display property sheets, that are mis-called a “layer” in SketchUp. These “layers” can be associated with any number of dimensions, section planes, groups or component instances. (As Dave said, the primitive entitiy types need to be associated with “Layer0”.)

Yes all layers are on. Here is an example I created that that is two layers deep in the kitchen cabinet group.

The cabinets are on “kitchen cabinets” layer but the panels in the cabinet groups are on layer 0.

I can delete the kitchen cabinet layer which sends them to layer 0 of course. Create a new layer and move the group to the new layer and the actual panels are still on layer 0.

I just want to be able to send everything in a selection (cabinets in this case) to whatever layer I chose.

To open the groups and change is a pain.

How about uploading the file here?

You only have 4 layers.
Your current layer is not set as Layer0 [this ‘Default’ layer is almost always the recommended set up - click the radio-button to its left]
If you delete the unwanted layer[s] - in this case probably just ‘doors’ - using the Layer browser, and accept to reassign the Default [Layer0] to any objects assigned the deleted layer[s], then you’ll get a simple set up of cabinets on one layer and appliances on another layer.
Why do you want more complex layering ?

PS: At least one appliance is modeled entirely inside out ! In MonoChrome view mode the faces should be off-white - never blue-gray [the backs]... ![|636x500](upload://l6ScR2P75Ln1wL1hNkBZUaPR8D2.png)
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As TIG points out, you should leave Layer 0 active at all times. Only components/groups should get other layer associations but all edges and faces need to be left on Layer 0.

The dishwasher that is modeled wrong is from SU Podium browser :slight_smile: But good info.

I do not want more complex layers. I want less.

I can move those cabinets from layer 0 to a new layer and when I start looking at the groups in the cabinet after its moved to the new layer they are still on layer zero. I would like everything on the new layer I moved them too. In this case its not so bad but if I bring in a detailed part from the warehouse I really dont want 5 extra layers, knobs, bumpers, doors, etc. I just want to send all those layers the one layer.

I would have uploaded it here but 6 meg is over the file limit.

Understood. It wouldn’t even download for me at all.

It kind of sounds as if you have a misunderstanding about layers in SketchUp. Layers only control visibility of entities. I think of layers like the Romulan cloaking device. If you turn off the visibility for the component’s layer, everything inside will be invisible. So you can leave everything within your cabinet component on Layer 0 and just assign the cabinet to a different layer. You can make that more involved if you wanted to do things like show different doors or things like that but for the basic drawing it is best to keep it simple as you want.

As for the layers that come with components you download from the 3D Warehouse, you are at the mercy of the author. As you’ve found, components aren’t always drawn exactly as you might want them. If you must use components from the 3D Warehouse, it is best to download them into a separate file and clean up as needed before putting them into your kitchen. You may find, as I have, that it’s often easier to draw a component from scratch than it is to repair a poorly drawn component from the Warehouse.

The Layer browser lets you do all of the layer reassignment without having to edit everything.
Here is your ‘wrong’ set up.

Here is the right way.

Here’s it trimmed to NO layers.

I am pretty sure I understand how layers works in Sketchup. Same as most CAD programs I have used over the last 30 years. I think I am just having a hard time explaining it :slight_smile:

What is wrong with that?

I understand your last image. Delete all layers and move the contents to the default layer zero.

However the part I dont understand is this…

  1. Delete all layers and move everything to layer 0
  2. Create new layer called Cabinets and move the cabinets to that layer.
  3. Click on the cabinet and the entity info panel shows them on the correct layer.
  4. Select individual groups inside the cabinets like the end panels and the entity info shows them on layer zero.

So it appears to me that I have moved the group to the correct layer but the groups within in (boards in this case) are still on layer 0. No?

Actually, that’s not how layers work in SketchUp. You should take some time to read about layers in the online Help files.

I will do that again.