Problems with SketchUp 2022

The program crashes every time I click with the right button of the mouse. is anyone else having this problem?

Are you running extensions? Did you copy them over from an older SketchUp installation?

Yes, it maybe the clothworks plugin, it crashes every time I try to use it as well

What version of the Mac OS?

Clothworks does work in SketchUp 2022 but it might be problematic if you didn’t install it correctly.

not all extensions are updated for use on the M1.
It might work if you start in ‘Rosetta’ mode.
Close SketchUp
Highlight the App in Finder (it’s in the applications folder)
Hit Cmd + i
Change the preferred startup.

In deed, the problem was with the clothworks extension. I’m using Mac OS Monterrey. The extension maybe isn’t compatible with the native version of sketchup for apple silicon.

are there any links to how to copy extensions to 2022
mine loaded without any extensions from 2021

Extensions do not transfer between major versions of SU. Reinstall them from within SU 22.

As @endlessfix indicated, best practice is to install them fresh from their sources to make sure you have the latest versions and that they are installed correctly. If you don’t mind dealing with loading errors and fixing possibly outdated extensions or incorrectly installed extensions, you can just copy the extensions from their location in SU2021. Then you’re on your own to fix any issues you might have. The extensions will be in User/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp… put them in the equivalent location in SU2022.

This is how to do it “manually” in Windows

Close all SketchUp and LayOut windows

Open these folders into two file explorer windows:
C:\Users<your username here>\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2021\SketchUp\Plugins
C:\Users<your username here>\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2022\SketchUp\Plugins
(The AppData folder is normally hidden)

A plugin normally consists of a .rb file plus a folder with the same name. Some old extensions have only loose .rb files. Locate the .rb files you want and the corresponding folders, and copy them from the 2021 window (or older with increasing risk of malfunction) to the 2022 window.

Leave all files and folders with names starting with “su_” alone. They are extensions shipped with SketchUp and are installed automatically.

Close the folders. Start SketchUp 2022 and open the Ruby Console to look for errors.