Problems with moving groups or planes in desired directon X Y Z

Hi I am on the old SU 8 …(the free one)

I love building with it but now and then still have real huge problems to move groups in a DESIRED direction and get it to and EXACT point. Example: putting an entire condo floor on top of another ground floor.
How to make sure a group moves into a desired direction xyz.
I can’t seem to get in the right bottom window a desired position by numbers
Here is the pic I want to put the entire floor into a condo, but by using the moving button
it is always off. Visually looks perfect but when zooming in it always is off.
I want to move it to an exact location from one corner of the condo
how to determine the exact spot in the xyz space with numbers and then move anything there
in this case an entire floor of one or 12 codos
Couldn’t find the UPload button here so uploaded to my photo website to a special gallery

Hello Victor

After selecting the geometry you want to move, work with this premise:
• Click the Move tool on a meaningful point.
• Then take that point to a meaningful destination point.

The term point meaning an Inference Point — SketchUp Help
Constrain the direction of the move by Inference Locking — SketchUp Help
More about Moving Precisely — SketchUp Help

Aidan Chopra explains in this two-part video tutorial…

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Thank you… I watched I and II … I loved the ctrl x5 and /divide function

Do I dare ask more questions:
(problem if one googles with the wrong words describing specific actions ) one can’t find the exact reply

Is there a keyboard key to “oblige” the rotate symbol on the screen to act
on x y or z blue green or yellow axe.
When working with an object that has curves (even making it a group )
the degree rotate symbol seem to just do as it pleases.

How do I upload here an example is there a button for that? I guess you are going to tell me I am blind

Shift will lock it to an axis.

Upload is the 7th icon across at the top of the message box.

ballONlegs.skp (68.4 KB)

I made this after watching your ballONlegsAIRPORT.skp (72.9 KB)

I made this after watching your tutorial
But I cant seem to make the 1st original stand up 100% vertical…
so the multiply are all crocket to the side
I just call it airport as the shape is a bit like one…
how can I force the rotate logo on the screen take action in x y z ?

Draw a face in the right axis.
Select the rotate logo and place it on the face.
When the rotate logo changes to the color of the axis
press and hold shift to lock it to that axis.
Now move to the object you want to rotate.

While the use of temporary is common practice among experienced modelers, there is simply no need here to draw a temporary face to orient the tool.

Rotate Tool orientation in empty space is view based.
When the camera is pointed generally along green axis, notice the tool cursor is green, then hold Shift
The same holds true when the camera is pointed generally along the red axis or blue axis.

Rotate Tool