Problems with making a component unique!

Hi all

I’m working with SU 2022 Studio so V-ray is integrated.

I’m experiencing a problem with making a component unique.
So I made a housing for a miniature spotlight and I used a V-ray spot light to create the light source.

I made a component out of this. So that I could copy them freely and simultaneous get a stronger light source or get a different finish by changes one component.

But now I needed to change to intensity of one of the spot light. So I made the component unique. But Once I did this I noticed the light source stayed the same.
So I tried grouping and making copies instead of making a component. But when making a copy it doesn’t duplicate the light source. Is there a way to make them unique?
Or do I have to change them to different spot light one by one?

Thank already for your help! :slight_smile:

When you have made your lighting fixture unique, edit it, select the V-ray light and make that unique too. Or remove it and insert a new V-ray light from the Asset editor.

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So simple. I feel like a rookie… :laughing: