Problems with layers - mystery layer?

The first thing I notice is that it is not a model. It is an attempt to draft a set of 2D projections in a 3D application. (You are trying to use SketchUp for what Layout was designed for.)

2nd: The camera is in perspective mode, when it should be in parallel projection for this kind of 2D work.

3rd: The style used has it’s “Hidden Geometry” unchecked.

4th. The Steve component’s instance and definition is still in the model. (Should purge unused components.)

  1. Screen-based Text objects are problematic in a 3D drawing. (They do not work well with Panning or Zooming.)

  2. All text is point sized which looks strange when zoomed in. (They’d be better at say 12" height or so.)

  3. All the text callouts are 3D objects which makes them hard to control in a 2D manner. (Which you realized.)

Basically you are trying to shoehorn a 2D multi-view drawing into a 3D modeling application.

There is another thread around here where we all list free or cheap 2D applications.