Problems right after installing - help files


SU having problems displaying it’s own help files. Wants me to open them in an external program. Same thing after getting into the program and the “Instructor” window is open. Any ideas? Thanks.


It is not unusual for help files to be displayed in an “external” program. Many software packages provide help files either in Notepad or similar format while others resort to pdf files for their help materials. No big deal, unless you actually cannot open the skp files with the software.

You should be safe in either opening or saving the files as requested by the dialog box. To be even more comfortable, just run your virus protection software before opening the help files.


Stop associating html files with Notepad, and associate them with your browser.


Thanks for the quick replies. I can open the files outside of SU, but these files should really be handled by the program itself. It creates a problem, for example, if I’m trying to find a model in the 3D warehouse. When I let Firefox open the html file, it goes nowhere.


Wow, you’ve got some weird setting that I haven’t seen. All you’re trying to do is open Hit cancel, then when you get back to that window, type Control-L and enter in any old url to see if Windows can open up ANY html page.


Hit cancel, got back to window. type “Ctrl-l” and get nothing but a ding.